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Interactive Wall

In an exhibition or a showroom, tradeshow or booth, interactive wall services entice the attention of a large audience, even from a distance. These fun-filled and playfully interactive giant walls are impressive, logical and literally drive your customers up the wall… in a good way! IIC's brains spit out ideas to curate interactions from anything with analogue elements, interspersed features or a full-blown extensive multi-touch video wall. We use several interactive technologies that could make your customers gawk!

It's all about the razzle-dazzle -

Humans are curious beings. It is primarily our curiosity that propels us to success. Add a little sparkle to it, and you have the perfect combination of desires and full-blown attention. For most of us, it is embedded into our cultural tradition - shiny = good stuff! That is precisely why the interactive wall grabs so much attention. The sparkle, the dazzle, and add interactivity to it - our inner child prances out to play. The notion of adulthood just went out the window.

IIC's technologists employ motion recognition software and cutting-edge camera technology to build interactive touch screen displays that customers can control and interact with, thereby building curiosity, increasing engagement, and subsequently augmenting brand awareness.

The stimulus

A large display acts as a stimulant because the lifelike object gives the participant or user a totally different perspective. The human is driven by the addiction to accessibility, and a large interactive lobby display only enhances the desire to get closer to the product.

High resolution

A high-resolution display provides the perfect visual fidelity required for even distant users to recognise it. On an interactive wall, complex information sets and large amounts of information can be intelligently disposed.


Here's another human addiction - touching. Everything has to be touched. People are entertained, cooperate, and compete on a single platform with multiple simultaneous touchpoints. This means that our interactive wall services are the best way to attract people.


When multiple people are allowed to use a single interaction, there is excitement, clamour and an element of fun - even with the unknown around. Large motions or flaying of arms and legs will bring motivated collaboration and certainly result in engagement.

How can you use our interactive wall services (to name a few)?

Create a storyboard - illustrations can be captured wonderfully on the interactive wall with touch sensors placed at pivotal points. Kids and adults would enjoy lighting up each section of the story till it ends. How about the hare and the tortoise…?

An aquarium

Floor to ceiling projections could be optimised for large group visits as the entire wall turns into an interactive experience. Multiple tactile triggers could be incorporated as well, involving jump scares. This could be a magical experience and an installation that genuinely provides an immersive experience.

The Gift Wall

Everyone loves a free gift. A host of playful animations and a vending machine that vomits nothing but gifts. Users can move along the storyline and participate in a quiz, and depending on the answers, could get a present.

Similarly, interactive wall services use designs that come with a range of business use cases such as creativity sessions, business meetings, workshops, training, etc.

Interactive Wall