May 7

How Companies Have Used Virtual Reality To Wow Their Audiences


With the hike in revenure to hit $143 Billion, by the year 2022,There is a lot of Encouragement to be seen within companies to implement Virtual Reality and integrating such tech in their Marketing Strategies.

We're going to list some of the examples that might generate curiosity to know how your brand can take advantage of Virtual Reality in order to create a better brand image from your consumer's point of View.

Dell EMC used Virtual Reality to promote one of their newly launched products named "latitude". The idelogy behind the promotion was to introduce new technology to their employees that were engaging, interesting and informative at the same time. The VR game was developed on the basis of destroying viruses that might hinder your PC in the Virtual Sci-Fi city and hence making your PC Smoother and ultimately run more Efficiently.This VR Experience was developed from scratch by INK IN CAPS to deliver a bewildering experience to the Employees of DELL EMC.Here's a Glimpse of it!
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Mercedes-Benz The most Immersive and interactive campaigns lure more Customers to invest in that product and that is just stating facts.Mercedes-Benz tried to come out of their comfort zone and create a VR 360-Degree Video to showcase their upcoming Vehicle's Features.The Camapign's objective was to persuade consumers to look at the all-new interitos of their Mercedes-Benz SL edition from the comfort of their homes.

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IKEA relied on an innovative way to launch itself in Hyderabad far from it's origin.Involving a joyful Virtual Reality ride along the Highlights of Hyderabad city,in an autorickshaw designed in a way to promote the company's creative outlook that would help them persuade the particupants to connect with the brand on a social and Emotional Level.They set up VR headsets in each rickshaw and really gave their visitors an Experience they would never forget anytime soon !. Amazon Prime With the Diversity of Content that wows viewers,Amazon has always stood up to the mark.So,to come up with Something new that aims ahead,Amazon Prime targeted the top metropolitan cities of India to introduce them to a mesmerizing Virtual Reality Experience. They wanted their visitors to Experience a ride on a hot air Balloon which was very immersive but at the same time in a virtual world.Similar to this, INK IN CAPS has developed a hot air Balloon experience tool !

Virtual Reality Services | Virtual Reality Services Company

Volvo Created a Virtual Reality test drive for the launch of their new model,the XC90.Their Intentions were to introduce their car alongside a new technology to provide the willing investors with a wider scope to view it.The Virtual Ride was set along beautiful sceneries and at the same time,the Viewer had a realistic representation on the interior of the car.After the launch of the Volvo XC90 SUV,it was completely sold out and it got the best reviews yet ! Oreo is a well-known brand known for its innovative measures which can clearly be seen when it comes to its Product line. Such as coming up with creative flavors which most brands won't even try.Oreo utilized Virtual Reality to make your sensed participate in a Wonderful cupcake world to test your taste buds to the max and instantly crave cookies. Discover the 360* world that inspired Filled Cupcake Flavored Oreo Cookies

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