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Collaborate with ingenuity, imagination and intelligence to bring about exhilarating virtual reality solutions that will leave you wide-eyed.

Virtual Reality Services


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Virtual Reality Services

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Collaborate with ingenuity, imagination and intelligence to bring about exhilarating virtual reality solutions that will leave you wide-eyed.

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Virtual Reality

Collaborate with one of the top virtual reality companies in Mumbai

If technology is the tool for communication, we reimagine stories that will give you a living, breathing brand. IIC draws together a team of digitally-provoked creative thinkers who reinstate human connections through virtual reality. While filling in all the basics, we get the why, the what, the how and the who - all in perspective to create several ‘gotcha moments’. We create solutions with a shelf life that will outlast every scenario. Virtual Reality technology, today, is widely sought after across industries, and yet seems to have a dearth in talent. Well.. VR duties are not to be taken for granted. On the contrary, it necessitates a specialised grasp of a mosaic of platforms, to arrive at a unique set of solutions that can make (or break!) to your company’s hard-set goals.

Stop looking the other way

We are here… the best VR developers in India to deliver apps that will tickle your clients’ senses and shake them awake. Don’t drive your customers into a slumber with old lusterless solutions. Our head-mounted show captures every aspect of the business’s capability and directly pushes it into the shoppers’ cerebrum propelling them to ask for more.

Depeche Mode

What if we told you - enjoy your very own made-to-order fashion show with no blather whatsoever! Let your clients have a ‘dear diary’ occasion as you take them through the amazing routines of virtual fashion shows. This also ceases all pit-stops to the fitting room piling up noisy hangers and staring down the back of full-haired or bald heads of other people - some aunts, daughters, moms, nieces, uncles, fathers (yes, the men have joined the fray too!). Now, you can offer a ‘try-before-you-buy’ with a virtual try-on station, while steering your customers away from the fracas. They can try on shoes, clothing, and a variety of other items without physically having to endure the ‘slipping into’ process. IIC is one of the top virtual reality companies in Mumbai that delivers more than just smiles.

Attention gear heads

Try explaining automobiles to your customers and watch those eyes become slits. You might as well give them a pillow. The instant a customer steps into a car showroom it’s the sales person’s expedition – a rollercoaster ride to convince, entice, and ultimately brainwash. Yet, the customers’ sensors can reject all of your transmissions as mere sounds and give you that one thing you fear - deaf ears. Merchandisableness is not an art – it is VR. Give the shopper a recreation – for instance, a 3D model of the automobile that you wish to hawk and watch them get entangled hook, line and sinker. IIC, one of the top virtual reality companies in Mumbai creates admirable pieces of these digital toys.

The dough

Not the edible kind; it's the one that buys the edibles - money and finance. Money can snap up anything. Contemporarily though finance is more about mechanisation than actually fanning a wad of bills. How then, do you create a cogent and tell your buyer all about the worth of your product offerings that exist primarily on an LED screen? Hire the best VR Developers in India to let your customer tune into the right channels where they comprehend the eminence of a brand and its offering. We can put them through the mill and easily press home the reality of being rich with the help of VR - so much so, they may actually start believing in themselves.

Bollywood, Tollywood and everything

If the mantra of the entertainment industry is chock-full clambake or in simple words entertainment, then it is IIC’s turn to hum the arranger tune. We are already doing it, though. Ink In Caps has already worked its magic across the metaverse achieving an implausible feat by cracking the code on immersive entertainment. As leading VR Developers in India and the country’s first metaverse providers, our experts are turning complex codes and instructions to dust to derive entertainment, that is, more riveting than on-screen projections.

Pedagogy and andragogy

“Give a child a book and you can change the world” - while this might seem highly du jour - try giving a child a book literally and watch them rip it to shreds. Pedagogy can be onerous and so can andragogy, which is principally in a corporate environment. Take the mundane out of learning and reconstitute it with VR to throw away distractions and more importantly negligence. VR can provide simulated scenarios that will help employees train, especially in highly staked areas of work.

Merchandise and retail

Buying can be nerve-racking especially when we misread, underestimate or overestimate a piece of material - whether its clothing or furniture - How do you grasp the value of its latency in our lives? To elucidate, how can a lazy retail business expand its wings and turn into a thriving centre of attraction? VR can provide invigorating online experiences and can, to a great extent, even magnify physical footfalls when used appropriately. For instance, create VR showrooms or 360-degree environments where consumers can randomise products and services, giving them a novel way to explore.

Properties, land and buildings

Real estate is imperishable - own one and you will want to own more. Yet, persuading a purchase would mean tripping over unfinished construction stones, visiting open high spaces that need the buyer to possess unprecedented powers of visualisation. This can be an exhausting exercise. IIC, one of the top virtual reality companies in Mumbai influences purchase and peddling decisions through digital designs that flaunt the interiors and exteriors of a home, without having to stumble over unsmoothed gravel. At the same time, builders and agents can ensure the continuity of their projects as the technology lets engineers walk into a simulated zone to supervise the job site.

With its potential to offer immersive material, IIC’s virtual reality solutions empower each business element toward excellence.




virtual reality services
virtual reality services
virtual reality services