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We know how to get the desired outcomes in any complex mapping project. Every event is transformed into an experience that people will remember.


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IIC is a one of the leading projection mapping companies in India providing interactive video wall displays, and holographic video and lighting assistance. We create magnificent optical illusions using full-spectrum colours and themes to bring conceptual designs to life. Our experts assemble the perfect synthesis between elements using technology to create unforgettable moments. Get ready to make a visual impact as you take your next event or exhibition to newer heights. Our specialists have worked with various clients across multiple platforms, including live events, retail, corporate events, and more.

Add flair to your event with our audio-visual production that tingles audience senses through thoughtful sound, lighting design and dynamic interaction. The design and engineering set the tone, energise the atmosphere, and amplify the overall message beyond mere illumination.

We only use contemporary cutting-edge technology.

Adopting a vast stock of media systems, our experts offer turnkey seriatim project mapping solutions. Every piece of equipment is chosen meticulously to furnish customised content because we believe every client deserves quintessence.

Turning the most complex surface into a canvas

Perceptions matter, and therefore, IIC, one of the premier projection mapping companies in India, specialises in visceral art. You don’t need a cloth anymore to project your visuals. Anything goes – a mannequin, cars, buildings, humans – we can transform everyday objects into visual wonders. Bring your company’s vision to life with our 3D projection mapping services.

We can also use mapping displays across advertisements to create monumental promotions. For instance, you can project different lipstick shades onto a human model to advance your brand. Alternatively, if you wish to make a horror movie, you can still do so with the help of projection mapping - use the same lipstick shades across the scene to create a volley of lips…

Retailers are not far behind.

The retail business can utilise projection mapping across clothes, shoes, and other garments. Employ a touch panel to help you indicate your dress's size, colour, design, and supplemental elements. Just change the colours of the clothing or the accessories, choose what you prefer the most with the touch of a finger. Try it and get totally stoked.

The entertainment industry benefits exceptionally.

Perhaps the best example of projection mapping is the Disney Castle, which has a shower of shine, colours and fireworks adorning it as you enter its theme park. It is bound to be magical from every angle. Create your own castle, rock or paper and use projection mapping to spray it with paint without cleaning it up. Anyone for chocolate, maybe…?

Stomping on the stars.

You can incorporate projection mapping into sports arenas as well. Make the entire hall your mapping area and project pictures or even moving images of your favourite stars and watch them get trampled as the actual players come out for the game. It is also the best way to confuse audiences with exhilaration – they wouldn't know whether to reach for their phone to take pictures or keep watching the game. Look up to one of the leading projection mapping companies in India to make every experience captivating.

Corporates can display their products in mammoth proportions.

If you are an airline, roadway, or ocean freight company, make enhanced use of projection mapping to enthral your customers. Take them on a massive flying expedition or dunk them in an ocean filled with beautiful corals and fishes; you get the perfect instrument of sale with the technology. Let your customers swim in the euphoria of your brand without drowning them…

Music to the ears and a treat to your eyes.

The technology is a dream come true for musicians and interactive artists such as sculptors, where colour projections and motion sensors can be used to create an entire zoo full of animals or a single animal - or build plants, flowers, sceneries and much more – you can also transition from one graphic to another. Most of us remember artist Willow's song 'Sweater' - this was made purely with projection mapping.

Projection Mapping Technology in Technology

Tech makes tech feel at home. Our projection mapping team can create larger-than-life demos with mapping even on moving objects, where required. When tech meets tech, it is a chance to witness some of the most foundational moments of the future.

The team at IIC is a pioneer and one of the best Projection Mapping companies in India. Seek us out if you wish to witness some of the most stunning mapping visuals.

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