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Bestseller, Jack & Jones

For the launch of Bestseller India’s new Brand, JACK & JONES UNMATCHED, we designed and developed India's first experiential E-commerce website.

Virtual Studio I Interactive Website

August 2021

A website to echo with the Brand’s Personality
The idea was to create a website that is in line with the Brand’s image so we designed the website in three zones based on J&J’s collection- Chaotic Void, Vandal Activism & Workshop.Upon logging on, the users could select to shop from any zone. The ambiance engulfing the audio and visuals is custom-built for each zone providing an amusing shopping experience to the users.A step inside the Virtual Studio and the users could find themselves in the middle of an exceedingly immersive environment.
Blend of Engaging and Effortless
The user journey was meticulously designed incorporating two crucial aspects, ease to use and multiple interactions in the Virtual Studio. We took note of every micro touchpoint that a user encounters while shopping in an offline store and not just replicated but augmented all of them by breaking them down further and adding interactions to the same. The users could sit in the comforts of their homes and shop from the virtual store just like an offline store, or even better. Apparel is intriguingly displayed in the Studio and users can get all the essential information like Size, color, fabric, and product information in just one click. To make the experience more personal to the users, an option to personalize the garments is also provided.
Real-time updation
One of the main concerns was the real-time update of the website based on the availability of the apparel.So an inventory management system was fully integrated leveraging a blend of ANS Commerce and Uni Commerce. A dynamic slotting system was made for the real-time enabling and disabling of stock in which the stock check was done every 10 minutes and if apparel was out of stock, it was automatically removed from the shelf and was replaced by the second best option.Along with this, a seamless user experience was ensured with the integration of the carting and check-out systems.