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Through its initiative Google For India, Google launches its new initiatives for Community Building and the welfare of the users in the Indian Subcontinent.

Rotoscope Wall

December 2022

Unfolding the Value Additions
In the 8th edition of Google for India, recent efforts for making technology the enabler for growth, knowledge, health, and progress were announced.The revelations included an AI model that handles 100+ Indian languages making the web accessible to Indians in their native language, establishing foundational steps on the road to the vision of Digital Agriculture in India, and Integrating AI for improved healthcare- Doc Lens which is a natural progression of the Google Lens.
Digitizing Prescriptions
Handwritten prescriptions are often difficult to read and understand resulting in patients and healthcare providers facing a tough time. Google is leveraging the powers of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to introduce Doc Lens digitizing handwritten prescriptions.We set up a rotoscope wall in GFI’s Tech Zone to display the functioning of the Doc Lens technology. The rotoscope wall opened the portal for a new AI evolution. We started the process with 6 IoT sensors including the laser sensor, and proximity sensor. After deep R&D, we developed our custom sensor- a rotary encoder that was imported since it wasn’t available in India at that point in time. During the testing process, we figured that since it is an enclosed solution it wasn’t possible to make any changes.So we built redundancy by running 2 systems parallelly, in which a custom algorithm was made followed by developing custom software to read the sensors and handle the media. The best part of the installation was that we had incorporated a Hot Switch or Quick Swap, in the software to quickly switch the system in case of failure.