June 15

Most common mistakes in UI/UX Design

A great UI/UX design is pivotal for a business to build meaningful interactions with users and boost conversions. Whether you are a neophyte or a maven, mistakes are imminent. And if you are a professional designer, the design just caught you when your creative juices dried up. The cost of these mistakes is not cheap. Disappointed users will contribute to bounce rates due to bad experiences. It could be anything - the slightest slip-up to the most significant loophole that went unnoticed.
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A baffing navigation

Navigation drives usability. A good design is intuitively clear and shows the user how everything works – almost at a glance. For instance, visitors should know what buttons to click and where to hover. Apply the Three Click Rule. It should not take the users any more than three clicks to get to a webpage.

An Overloaded Style

When you overload the website, you lose the user’s cognition. It turns the edge off, and experience is stunted. Instead, guide users through the process smoothly as you reduce the clutter.

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Fonts rule 95% of website design. Strange but true. We know – it should be design, isn’t it? But unfortunately, font and style consistency are features that distinguish and announce a good UI design. The font should be stylish yet readable – which means you must optimise typography for readability, inclusiveness and usability.

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