May 5

Get Everyone's Attention with These Amazing Experiences


An Interactive Wall

Do simple Standees in the mall grab enough attention from the visitors.The simple yet right answer would be no as they are overlooked. But what if there was a Motion Activated interactive wall instead of a normal standee. When you walk past an interactive wall it will respond by showing the passer-by the content that was intended to be displayed. This tech engages peoples minds and enables them to develop an interest in a brand that is innovative. For a unders nding anding,We'll list some examples which were carried out by INK IN CAPS. As for our Clients,in Qatar,we developed interactive screens for them which became a huge success as kids and parents inte racted.This experience made by IIC labs wowed the audience and helped them connect with the brand on an emotional level.

We at INK IN CAPS can help you achieve successful campaigns that will also add value next event, conference or next big brand/product launch.

Would you still consider traditional mail when you're able to do much more in Today's world? Sticking to the Stereotypes might be safe but that can bore your audience and they tend to lower their interest. So,how will utilizing innovation and technology into your marketing strategies enhance your efforts and provide the desired objective? What does tech really mean to you in terms of its application in your industry? Have second thoughts,we'll clear that up for you. To make your marketing efforts stand out and engage your customers,you need to promote innovative technologies in your marketing plan which can help you to grab the attention of the crowd. Earlier it was only in our Imagination now we've made it a reality(Almost!).

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality is boundless on the basis of our Imagination.But now with the innovation of technology,it has turned in to a reality. To elaborate further,it is better to list out examples for a better understanding. For Dell EMC,who believes in innovation and Technology.Ink in Caps came forward and gave them an amazing experience by creating a virtual sci-fi city just for th em.This experience helped their employees get a better understanding of how Crucial an anti-virus really was for their Customers.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Augmented Reality is being utilized much more compared to other technolo gies.Most industries are eager to make use of such tech to create innovative strategies. Which would not only persuade consumers to make a purchase but also let them interact with the product. For Example,INK IN CAPS has influenced the application of Augmented Reality across the globe at the Hyatt Plaza in Doha,Qatar. The Augmented Reality set-up made the children at the event look forward to going to the mall and interacting with the animals. Which in reality was not possible as well as not safe either,But all this was made possible thanks to the magic of Augmented Reality.

Forget about the complexity involved in order to implement technology for your next strategy that involves building your brand image ,because tech has advanced itself to another level. We're listing several examples of technology that can be implemented for an immersive experience. Digital Slingshot Ever had an innovative way to take feedback from your Visitors? The Struggle is real when it comes to leaving an impression on your Visitors.Well,we have a Solution to your problem and that is the Digital Slingshot!!
Virtual Reality Services | Virtual Reality Services Company

The Digital Slingshot was developed for the purpose of collecting feedback from your visitors by letting them engage in a fun activity.The Visitor simply has to enroll with his/her personal information.And then click a Selfie,type a message of their choosing and pull the sling to project it on an LED wall or any Suitable Display medium. It enables your Visitors to interact as well as engage while you get valuable feedback and their information fro your database.

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