Oct 16

Ink In Caps. Provides 3D Projection-Mapping Services For Maruti's Car, Celerio


Maruti, a leading automobile company, has partnered with Ink In Caps. to create the Maruti Celerio 3D projection mapping industry. The collaboration aims to provide customers with an exceptional experience by using interactive projection mapping software. The team uses the software to create unique user experiences, such as painting their automobile the same color as their clothes. This collaboration pushes the limits of creativity in the automotive industry.

The Magic of 3D Projection Mapping

What is 3D Projection Mapping?

Let's first understand the idea of 3D projection mapping before we explore the amazing services offered by Ink In Caps. This innovative technique uses projection to provide the appearance of dynamic and immersive visual effects on three-dimensional objects. It is a powerful tool that can modify any area or item, and in this instance, it has been used to improve the Maruti Celerio experience.

Maruti Celerio: Setting New Standards

Maruti Celerio, renowned for its compact design, has embraced 3D projection mapping to stay ahead in the competitive automotive market, showcasing the captivating power of 3D mapping.

Ink In caps. - The Pioneers of Innovation

Maruti partnered with Ink In Caps, a pioneer in projection mapping and immersive experiences, to bring their vision to life, showcasing their history of pushing boundaries and delivering captivating visuals.

Hyper-Personalization: A Game Changer

Creating Unique Experiences

Having the capacity to match the color of the automobile to their dress, Ink In caps. looked for to provide consumers with a special, highly customized Maruti Celerio experience. This achievement has had a lasting effect on their customers.

The Power of Interactive Projection Mapping

Ink In Caps. has introduced interactive projection mapping software that allows users to change the color of a car by adjusting their clothing. The software uses real-time tracking to detect the user's outfit color and project it onto the car's surface, enhancing the car-buying experience.

Unveiling the Future of Car Buying

Ink In caps.'s 3D projection mapping services for the Maruti Celerio have revolutionized the automotive industry by transforming traditional showrooms into immersive experiences, a paradigm shift that other automakers are likely to follow.

The Customer's Journey

Maruti partnered with Ink In caps. due to a deep understanding of customer journey and the need to engage, excite, and create memorable experiences for potential buyers. This innovative approach has set a new standard and demonstrated the potential of technology in enhancing customer experience.

Ink In caps. has partnered with Maruti to offer 3D projection mapping services for the Maruti Celerio, transforming the car-buying experience and setting a benchmark for the industry. The interactive projection mapping software showcases the potential of technology to create immersive experiences, making the Maruti Celerio a canvas for personal expression and a testament to innovation.

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