May 6

5 Virtual Reality Games That Will Have People Lining Up to Try!

Beat Saber involves the blend of Breathtaking graphics and Directional blocks that are coming towards you alongside thrilling music to give you a wonderful experience.The music basically sets the pace for the game and the difficulty as well.A game like Beat Saber is only possible with tech like Virtual Reality headgear(Oculus Rift,HTC Vive)to create such an Experience. The Learning curve is not that high and you'll be pretty good at it after some practice.The gameplay is addictive and the music motivates you to be in sync with the gameplay.You can obviously change the difficulty once you consider yourself a pro!
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VR Cricket Always been a cricket fan? Well,now you can dive into the world of cricket and feel like a world-class cricketer with this Virtual Reality Experience.Not only will you feel like a real cricketer but the physics are amazing.It's an Extremely Immersive Experience.Now you can feel like your on an actual cricket pitch.You will be batting of course! So you need not worry about who's going to bowl.You can make use of HTC Vives handhelp controllers to hit those sixes!

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Sci-fi city a world which is occupied by flying robots and you're the only savior the city has! While you go in guns blazing you have to save the day by destroying as many robot viruses as you can like you would on your PC or it Starts .Becoming slow or even worse just stops working. This Sci-Fi city was developed in the labs of Ink in Caps to Provide you with an Engaging experience that will totally immerse you in its world.

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Hot Air Baloon A Virtual experience in a hot air balloon without any such limitations that you can look around and even Notice the smallest of details.To make the ride even more interactive and interesting you see baloons in the clouds of Different colors.You have to pop as many as you can to attain a certain score and win the game.You can shoot the balloons with the help of the controllers to get points.This particular game was also developed by ink in Caps to provide you with an ultra-realistic experience. Do any of these Virtual Experiences intrigue or interest you?Will give us a call on (9930677169)

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