Nov 18

I met Ravi Shastri LIVE from my couch, The incredible new wave of sports consumption


With the broadcast of the first radio commentary in the year 1922, Cricket fans started enjoying podcasts much before they actually became a thing.

Later in the year 1938 fans got to add visuals to their fervour of Cricket which was till then encapsulated in audio pill dispensers.

Cheering Bleed Blue in Black and White was for real.

It wasn’t long before fans got to enjoy the spirit of cricket in its true colors in the year 1941 with the introduction of the color TV. Then entered Live-streaming services like Hotstar that gave access to all things sports in the palm of our hands. Watching matches while travelling in locals was much needed after all.

Only when we thought this was amazing, another ground-breaking innovation bowled a yorker. It was the Metaverse!

Disney Star Sports in association with Hotstar and Ink In Caps created their niche platform, Disneystarverse and users got the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of interactive features designed to give them an experience like never-felt-before. Having a Q&A session straight with Ravi Shastri is not an everyday affair after all.

On November 13, 2022, the first-ever Cricket match was live-streamed in the Metaverse. This was massive!

The finals of the ICC T20 World Cup Match was live-streamed on Disneystarverse and users could enjoy the match with their friends or other fans along with amazing activities like live polling and gaming. What made it a big hit was that numerous users actively participated and enjoyed this experience. From Radio to Metaverse, an incredible journey of 100 years, the consumption of sports has inevitably evolved, but what hasn't changed even a tad bit? The love for this Gentleman's game

P.S. We cannot wait to witness the next new tech opportunities get unfolded.

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