Oct 28

How Round tables make things straight!!!


Did you know that according to recent surveys around 80% of India's workforce is struggling with mental health issues, what is worse is that the numbers are expected to rise in the coming years if we don't act upon it NOW.

Today many companies have an Open-door policy to motivate employees to approach the management and speak their minds out freely.

But is that policy encouraging enough?

Maybe, but according to the stats, employees still don't provide feedback or ask questions. or speak about the things that are bothering them mainly because of the fear of retribution. There is a feeling in their hearts that if they talk about what is bothering them, their Seniors may not agree or not understand the issue and they could simply jeopardize their relationship with their Bosses in a flash. Is there even a solution to this?

Sometimes simple things prove to be the most effective solutions to the most complex problems. Simple practices like Management by walking around and having a round table for discussion can help. How?

Instead of calling the employees in your cabin, you can casually walk around their workstations and check with them if there are any difficulties that the employees are facing. Asking questions is the key. Now, what about the round tables?

Studies have shown that when people sit at a rectangular table, they always have a sense of power cues in their minds. That is why you can try adding a round table in your office where employees can have feedback sessions/discussions with their bosses softening the sense of hierarchy as there are no Heads in a Round table.

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