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For Team IIC, Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.

To ensure premium quality service, comprehensive and consistent testing of a system is of utmost importance. Our team invests a religious amount of time to test our systems before every virtual and hybrid event. We aspire to deliver a flawless event on Show Day so we ensure to undergo a deep testing process comprising three exhaustive tests. For any software to reach the live server from the staging server, it has to pass manual, load, and performance testing. Through these tests, a system is monitored to check its scalability and efficiency as the workload increases.
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What do these three tests entail?

Manual Testin is hands-on-testing process though which we check the resposiveness of the system. Load Testing iis done by simulating multiple virtual bots hitting the server for a prolonged period. Trough these endless test cycles, we check whether the server is ready for simultaneous large hits. Performance Testing comprises a simulation of real users to measure the legit user experience.

Virtual Reality Services | Virtual Reality Services Company

How Does Testing Help?

Regorous and extensive testing helps us to remain ahead of time. After the system had passed the three tests, a report is submitted to the Client. This helps in assuring our clients that we are Uber-ready for D-day.

Virtual Reality Services | Virtual Reality Services Company

Here is a glimpse of how fastidious and ultra-careful we are with the testing process

Testing Method used - J meter Test Type - Stress Test The stress test comprises the servers getting non-stop hits for 10-11 minutes straight from thoughts of bots. Target Group - 2000 Results:- Login:Total login processed - 740000 with an error rate of 0% and an average of under 1 second NETWORKING ROOM – This encompasses the total load on the networking room Total - 400000 Requests processed with an error rate of 0% and average response under 0.4 seconds VERIFY TOKEN :–This is important for the verification of the user’s security token and validation of secessions within the platform. Total - 1200000 Requests processed with an average time of 0.05 seconds and an error rate of 0%. GET HELP DESK :-This is important for chat and helps the process Total - 1340000 Requests processed with an error rate of 0% and an average response of 0.5 seconds. To sum it up, the test results are perfect. The servers processed Approx 5049592 hits (Around 50L) with 0% error in a span of 12 minutes. Discipline is the key! Our team follows a much-disciplined regime for testing, and this is what sets us apart from the crowd. We continuously keep testing the system until all the bugs have been fixed. We believe in delivering only the best to our customers and that does not come easy, but easy doesn’t excite us either.

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